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The following letter was brought to our attention. For the past few months, rumors of the Cosmos looking to Belmont for a stadium plan were floating around and this confirms they are true. It seems they have submitted a bid. Take a look at the letter and share your thoughts on a Belmont location for a potential stadium. (Click on the image for full screen)



  1. That is the most heartening news yet!!!

  2. Not just a stadium but a campus; a campus with a hotel, restaurants, sport-bars, shops, and the racetrack as an alternate form of entertainment. Man, we could go there Friday and leave on Sunday, what an amazing atmosphere. Also, if they connect the LIRR with the Eastside Project then you can get to Grand Central Station to Belmont in 15 minutes. Heck that makes this an international tourist destination spot. Moreover, the LIRR already has 8 train hubs there, therefore getting in and out will be a snap, not like the other major Soccer team. Then add that with the fact that the parking lots are right off the highway. Why didn’t they do this sooner?

    • They’re making the same mistake the Red Bulls made by placing the stadium “close enough”. LIRR to GCT won’t be complete until at least 2019, probably later. Until then, this location can’t compete with a NY2 MLS team in Flushing. It’s too far away.

  3. If I didn’t know any better, the owners want to wait out for the possibility of promotion and relegation to arrive in the US.

    • MLS is a single entity league and NASL is not, so it would be interesting how pro/rel works from that perspective. Have heard Seamus O’Brien balk at the whole single entity set up in an interview before. That makes me wonder if they just plan to grow the NASL.

  4. So their goal is NOT to be a NYC team? Oy.

    • Part of Belmont is in NYC, the Western part of Queens Bellerose and Floral Park. So it is actually the best of both worlds. Unfortunately, Eastern Queens is often the step child of NYC.

      • And what are they going to do about the MLS stadium that is actually going to be in NYC? There are few soccer fans around Belmont.

        This sounds like total garbage. I doubt the Cosmos have $400 mil. If they had $400 mil they could be in MLS by 2016 with a brand new stadium in NYC! Not this nonsense.

        More and more the Cosmos look like a scam and MLS wants nothing to do with them. Bring on Man City’s bid for MLS NYC! The Cosmos can go die!

  5. The headline says Belmont, but the letter says Elmont. Which is it?

  6. “In a letter to Sandra Smith, the chairperson of the Elmont Coalition for Sustainable Development, Martins, who represents the 7th District, wrote that the Cosmos’ proposal includes a soccer stadium, a shopping area, community park, restaurants and a hotel on the south lot of the race track.”

    South Parking lot of the race track -

  7. If they have $400 million to build a stadium out on Long Island, that means one of two things. Either they didn’t want to join MLS as the 20th franchise in NYC ($300 million for the stadium plus $100 million for the franchise fee) or they know that MLS doesn’t want them to be that 20th franchise.

    Either way, you are looking at a minor league team out on Long Island. The upside is that the stadium will be bundled with a mall, so you can do some shopping at halftime.

  8. Belmont is located in deep Eastern Queens. So the Cosmos are still New York. But what a good play, Eastern New York has never gotten attention. Truth is Eastern Queens and Nassau needs this. If the State makes this a go then Don Garber needs to wrap his up real quick. Now we know New York can handle a first division team New York team and now a second division new york team. They way I see it is the Cosmos is catering to Eastern Queens and Nassau County area while MLS New York 2 is catering to west and North Queens area. While the Red Bulls is New Jersey straight. Now we just need a team in Brooklyn and Manhattan and this could be epic. Also Red Bulls should rebrand as the New Jersey Yankees.

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  10. The subway goes there so that would make getting there a whole lot easier! I thought Hofstra was a done deal?

    • The subway doesn’t go anywhere near Belmont park. They have a LIRR spur that goes to the track on race days. That train is a further walk to the proposed stadium than the PATH train stop is from RBA.

  11. Belmont Racetrack is in Elmont, NY. Elmont, New York is NOT in Queens, it is in Nassau County.

  12. they can play at Citi Field in the meantime

  13. But Belmont is owned by the city and is consider Queens. Elmont is borderline Queens and Nassau which is far more superior than Harrison.

    • Belmont Park is owned by New York State, not New York City.

      Only a tiny sliver of Belmont Park is in New York City. Nearly all of it is in Nassau County. Most of the portion that is in New York City is occupied by train tracks and the Cross Island Parkway. I’ve heard that a small portion of the stadium site would be in the city.

      Elmont is borderline Queens and Nassau? Depends on what you mean by “borderline.” Elmont is next to New York City, but all of Elmont is in Nassau County.

  14. I don’t wish this Cosmos team in Elmont, but a TRUE NYC TEAM in Queens and in MLS. Go NYCFC !!!!!

  15. This blows. The Cosmos HAVE to be close to Manhattan. I mean, all the excitement has been about the Mo’s setting-up in NYC. And, by NYC, we mean in the center of the city. Just because the footprint of this new plan has a pinky toe in Queens doesn’t qualify for NYC. Nobody cares about Long Island. I, for one, wouldn’t be happy about the trek. Especially if the schedule sucks. Elmont? Really? Ugh, now I’m depressed…

  16. Jerry Bossert?@JBossertNYDN

    NYRA has “No Comment” regarding the proposed Soccer Stadium being built at Belmont Park

  17. We interviewed Erik Stover this morning about the proposed new stadium.

  18. What’s so aggravating about this is that the proposed stadium looks BRILLIANT – it would be the undeniable flagship soccer-specific venue in the country.

    That is aggravating because I cannot believe they suddenly think this location is viable — commuter rail lines don’t have anywhere NEAR the capacity that heavy urban rail (i.e. subway, PATH) does, and only has one point of access in the city. The 7 train, once the extension to 34th is completed next year, will have 4 points of access in Manhattan alone with direct connections to almost every other train line in the city.

    The 7 train has already proven itself capable of handling crowds at Citi Field (holds 20,000 more) and the U.S. Open.

    Please, simply take this design and put it where MLS’s 2nd New York franchise is meant to be, in Flushing Meadows – Corona Park.

  19. The MLS Flushing plan has the advantage over the belmont plan period.It would be close to the NYC transit train system. And it would be right in the heart of the New York City soccer fan base Flushing meadows Queens . Plus that area needs the jobs.

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