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Supporters Have Their Say About the Cosmos NASL Fall Season Debut


What do you think? (Image Credit: NASL)

New York, NY - With the New York Cosmos making the decision to make their 2013 NASL return in the Fall Season rather than the Spring, I’ve decided to reach out to every Supporters Club in the NASL for their opinion regarding the matter.

The reason I reached out to the Supporters as opposed to their club’s front offices is because if it wasn’t for their passion and dedication, their soccer club would eventually fold. Yes, the owners and the league have the financial capital but ultimately it’s the Supporters who really have the most power.

As of right now, several of the Supporters Clubs have responded.  I’m still waiting for several responses. Once I receive them, I’ll be sure to post their statement ASAP. In the meantime, here’s the responses I have so far:

Charles Cole, Ralph’s Mob President (Tampa Bay Rowdies, 2012 NASL Soccer Bowl Champions): While we remain excited about the rebirth of the New York Cosmos we do not find it acceptable that the club be allowed to compete in only the Fall portion of the 2013 NASL season.

If the NASL and the Cosmos truly have the best interests of the club in mind, both parties should strongly consider postponing entry into league play until the Spring of 2014.

If the Cosmos are allowed to play matches in the Fall of 2013, we do not believe they should be allowed to compete for the Soccer Bowl championship. We believe this would set a bad precedent for future expansion teams and would only compound the negative PR that the NASL is already receiving from this decision.

We look forward to renewing the historic rivalry between the Rowdies and the Cosmos, but we believe the process should be done right and not rushed.

James Hope, Crocketteers President (San Antonio Scorpions): Sad to see that the Cosmos are not prepared to start the season and are looking to come in at the mid year break. This action cheapens the league. Makes one think the idea of a spring and summer season was exclusively made just for the Cosmos.

If they are allowed to play they should not be eligible for post season play. Part of the struggle for teams is the grueling part of a full season. Injuries and overall fatigue will be greater for those teams playing more games. By playing less games could be an unfair advantage for the Cosmos. They should wait and come in in 2014.

Jarrett Campbell, Founder, Triangle Soccer Fanatics (Carolina RailHawks): All NASL fans are excited about the revitalization of the New York Cosmos. While it’s disappointing that the Cosmos won’t be a part of the first split NASL season in the Spring of 2013, I do believe it is important for the long-term success of both the franchise and the league that the team not over-commit beyond their capability.

2nd Division soccer in the US has a history of failed clubs who tried to play before they were really ready to succeed as a business entity. If postponing their debut by a few months gives the Cosmos the extra time they need to hit the ground running on more solid footing, both on and off the field, NASL fans everywhere need to both appreciate and respect the franchise’s decision to wait until the Fall season to join the league.

Pieter Brown, Miami Ultras Founder & Ultras Alive Host (Fort Lauderdale Strikers):  As host of Ultras Alive and founder of the Miami Ultras I don’t get the Cosmos. Why commit to the 2013 season at all if their not prepared. I think an organization needs a solid 18 months to ramp up a solid front office and team.

All anybody needs to do is look at San Antonio Scorpions as a model. They should therefore wait until the 2014 season and do it right. Starting in the middle does not set a good precedent for future teams. We’ve been questioning this on Ultras Alive for several months and even asked commissioner Bill Peterson about it last Monday.

Jim Oliver, Dark Clouds (Minnesota Stars FC): We’ve got a range of views across our group. Some people are insulted by it, some are irritated, some of us think it’s funny. The big concern, I think, is that the league might be losing credibility by coddling an organization that hasn’t proven much of anything to anybody.

I think we all like seeing the league grow, and we look forward to seeing another team come take it on the chin when they come to Minnesota, but it’s weird. Why not wait another year? Why not step on the gas and get the work done to play the full season?

To the extent that it matters to us, some of us worry about how it might make the league look like it’s being pushed around by a hype machine. Once the Cosmos step on the field all the speculation ends (hopefully with them being legit), but until then most of us worry about perceptions.

Atlanta Ultras (Atlanta Silverbacks): We are happy to have the NY club join the NASL,but we strongly are against them coming in half way through the season. It makes a mockery of our league and unfair in numerous ways…

Flight 19 (Fort Lauderdale Strikers): We are very disappointed that the Cosmos have chosen to delay their start until the Fall season, and perhaps more importantly disappointed that they will still be allowed to compete in the championship game should they win that Fall season. It’s unfair to the other 8 teams that will be competing the entire season next year. It’s a black eye for the league and an unnecessary one.

Having followed Division 2 soccer here for awhile now, it’s pretty obvious that they’ve had ample time to get their team ready for the Spring. In fact, they still do have plenty of time. Teams have been thrown together before in less than 2 months time. If they still feel there is not enough time there is no reason why they can’t wait until 2014 to play.

So what do you think?

Please feel free to chime your thought’s.

Thank you and be sure to follow us on @Borough_Boys.


  1. In all honesty and fairness I can’t say I disagree with what any of them are saying.

  2. I disagree.

    The reason Cosmos were supposed to enter in 2013 was because what if MN Stars didn’t find a owner?

    The league would’nt get sanctioned. unless Cosmos entered in 2013. Saving face of the league and probably the season.

    The Cosmos will be at a disadvantage anyway because they will not have played the first half of season and the team wouldn’t have that time to play together.

    • As usual, you’re spinning things. The NASL was very likely in no danger of losing sanctioning even without the Cosmos in 2013, you’re just saying that now. And, oh, they’ll be disadvantaged? Well, hell, that’s great. That makes it all better, genius.

  3. For all the reasons stated above, I also believe it would be in the best interests of the NASL, the individual clubs and, most importantly, the fans for the Cosmos to wait until 2014 to begin play.

  4. WSW writes “I disagree.

    The reason Cosmos were supposed to enter in 2013 was because what if MN Stars didn’t find a owner?

    The league would’nt get sanctioned. unless Cosmos entered in 2013. Saving face of the league and probably the season.

    The Cosmos will be at a disadvantage anyway because they will not have played the first half of season and the team wouldn’t have that time to play together.”

    However, the Stars are set. Cosmos should play the entire season OR not be allowed in the Post Season regardless of their final record.

    • Actually, I’ve read several comments (not necessarily in this string) which state that the Cosmos would have some actual advantage over the other teams which have been playing throughout 2013….. those being…. not having tired or worn down players; not having any injuries…etc. Having a team starting out mid-year, totally fresh in matches against the other league teams seems an unfair advantage.

  5. I’m not Cesar above Larry.

  6. [The following comments are my personal views, alone and should NOT be confused as being representative of any other forums that I participate in, nor the Puerto Rico Islanders supporters group La Legion Extranjera...]

    I freaking love Jarrett Campbell and have enjoyed the generous hospitality of the Triangle Soccer Fanatics down in Cary, NC when I have travelled to support my beloved Puerto Rico Islanders.

    Having said that, I couldn’t agree more with him on two points:

    I am not excited about the Cosmos “second coming”. I’m old enough to have seen the original Cosmos play and quite frankly, I personally find all of the current NASL’s faux legacy incredibly annoying. It’s not the same league. I find it absurd. Enough already. This isn’t the same franchise and this isn’t the late 70′s.

    What I do have both empathy and sympathy for are the Nick and all of the Borough Boys and any fans in New York who have patiently waited for another professional soccer club to play in New York (not NJ, or in Long Island) after going so many years without a club worthy of their support.

    Some of those same people previously got behind the debacle of a one a club that beat its chest, made a lot of promises, had a couple of years to get going but still only managed to play a single season in USLPRO before dropping down to the NPSL.

    If the Cosmos need more time to “get it right” and “hit the ground running” then they should, by all means, take the extra time that they need. If five months is so crucial to its success then the club short take another six plus months and begin play in March 2014. That way, they’ll be better even prepared to be successful.

  7. Triangle Soccer Fanatics (Carolina Railhawks)

    Did the NASL honestly think supporters of the other teams in the league would look favorably on the decision to allow a team to begin playing in the fall season? It’s just because it’s the “cosmos” name, correct? Let them wait until 2014 to begin play, like Ottawa and Virginia, who seem to be doing it “right”. Yes, this decision cheapens the league.

  8. To put all the concentration on the MLS and not on these Cosmos clown…..

  9. I think the complaining about being able to play the championship if they enter Fall only is a bit ridiculous. I mean come on, there are TWO seasons in NASL next year. A Spring and a Fall, two seperate competitions.

    If the Cosmos did come in in the Fall season and win they have every right to represent the league as the Fall champion in the title game. Its not like the teams are carrying over their records or stats or anything from Spring to Fall and there is like a 4-6 week break in bewteen the seasons to rest recover and heal.

    The big issue isnt the comeptitive ones, its the organizational ones. Delaying the start has now created a preception that this team/effort is amatuer. First impressions are lasting and their postponement is going to be raise eyebrows and distrust with this organization from the get go. That to me is the biggest stain on the league and its fans..that what should have been a hugely popular and enbraced return is now being looked at as a joke.

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