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First Plans Revealed



Source: Queens Courier


Today the rough plans for the Major League Soccer Stadium in Flushing Meadow park were revealed and the timeline discussed was a little longer than previous reports. Stories appeared in the Queens Chronicle and the Daily News. Here are the points of interest for the fans:


  • MLS says its about a month away from finalizing a deal with the city
  • Garber hopes to have groundbreaking by 2014 for 2016 open
  • Same firm that designed Barclays Center in Brooklyn will design new stadium
  • Garber says owners could be announced in 6-8 months
  • Total acres is 13, up from initial reports
  • Only 1 acre of green space as rest of the plot is concrete and Industry Pond which is unused.


“This is a project that we have been dreaming about since the league was founded many, many years ago in 1996,” 

This was the quote that Don Garber gave to the Queens Courier today. For those who have followed the league since its inception, they always stated that there was going to be a second team in the New York area located in either Queens or Long Island. 

Once this stadium deal is complete will begin the ULURP process which promises to be nothing but an all out brawl between proponents and opponents to the stadium.

Finally the league will need to pick an owner which will be a soap opera.

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