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Citi Field Can Still Host Soccer


Photo Courtesy of WCBS 880 AM

Citi Field is bringing in the outfield walls and while fans of the New York Mets are happy, soccer fans are wondering if this will effect the worlds game at Citi Field.

In 2011 the venue hosted two soccer matches and not only offered great sight-lines but also a fantastic atmosphere.

Photo Courtesy of WCBS 880

Looking at it with the eye makes it difficult to know for sure if the new walls would hurt the ability to fit a FIFA sized pitch in so we needed further clarification.

We reached out to Dave Howard, Executive Vice President of Business Operations at the New York Mets, and he gave us this statement about soccer at Citi Field.

“The new outfield wall dimensions will continue to accommodate the same FIFA-regulation field layout that we used for the two matches in 2011.  No change there.  And, yes, we are still interested in hosting soccer matches at Citi Field. We agree with you that the venue provides terrific and intimate sightlines for soccer.”

The area around Citi Field is a hotbed for soccer so the ability to continue to host matches at the venue is a victory for the city’s soccer fans.

This will also continue speculation that Citi Field could host a Major League Soccer team while a long term stadium solution is built.

In the past, the Mets have hinted something along those lines.


  1. I didn’t go to those games, but the sight-lines (at least through pics) didn’t look ideal.

  2. I agree with you PC but virtually everyone I’ve spoken to who attended a game there said it looked great.

  3. Going by those photos, there is no way the same field dimentions would fit. Look at the corner in front of the Geico sign. That area is clearly behind the new fence. I was at both games this past summer but I can’t really remember how much room there was behind the byeline on the 3rd base side.

  4. Yea ed – said the same thing – which is why we flat out asked them.

    There was very little space on the third base side

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